The Importance of Final Year Project

Final Year Student Projects

In all degrees, students are obliged to carry out a ‘Final Year Project’. It is as significant to  complete the degree as to do the project by themself.


Students should be spending more time on completing the project or learning to do some modules by themself and then take help from any project centers.

In short, it can be stated that it is a way of increasing the student’s maturity and preparing
him/her for their future career. Guaranteeing student motivation is a key factor in obtaining a
successful result. In fact, motivation will provide the student with the necessary strength to deal
with the inevitable difficulties obtained from the learning process.

New Learning Environments:

Present society is increasingly asking for people with higher education in order to cover its
needs. The key to success in higher education lies in knowing how to provide the student with
incentives that counteract all these distractions, and this is why the ‘new learning environments’
are often talked about, since new things offer great possibilities of attracting the student’s
attention. However, it must be underlined that the newest is not always the most suitable. In fact,
traditional methods, if well used, may often lead to successful educational processes.

Helping students mature in their knowledge is one of the objectives of higher education, and this
task necessitate much more than the mere transmission of knowledge. In particular, in the field
of engineering and management, the future engineer or business men/women is supposed to have
incorporated the basic specific concepts in his/her particular field and have a well-formed
intuition to be able to face all the problems that will come up during his future professional
career. To attain this maturity and exercise this capability of facing problems, it is a common rule
in all degrees that the students carry out a ‘Final Year Project’. This activity is, in some ways, a
synthesis of all the information the student has being receiving along the successive stages of his
educational life, and it is a key element of successfully finishing university education.

The Targets:

The targets of the Final Year Project are varied. On the one hand, since it is the student’s last
activity at the university, it fulfills a purpose of synthesis of all the knowledge they have
acquired throughout the different years. Besides, this knowledge must be used in a particular
way, in order to solve a peculiar problem. Thus, students are able to demonstrate their aptitudes
by applying this knowledge. On the other hand, it helps the student to mature as a graduate,
giving him/her the chance of finding the solution to a similar problem as he/she might do in
his/her future profession. Summing up, the final year project targets are the following:
• Synthesis of knowledge.
• To demonstrate the aptitude of applying the own knowledge to solve a specific problem.
• To mature the knowledge.


• Preparation for joining the working world.

The last aim imposes some determining factors that must be taken into account. First of all,
students must assume both material and human responsibilities. In the same way, and due to the
complexity of nowadays’ challenges, it is necessary both to work in multidisciplinary groups and
to be able to adapt to the different scientific and technological advances. For this reason, students
must be capable of learning and looking for information in order to solve the new problems they
face in a practical, efficient and fast way. Summarizing, the current working world demands that
the degree holder is able to:
 Assume responsibilities.
 Work in a multidisciplinary group.
 Adjust to the different scientific and technological advances.
 Auto learning capacity.
 Search of information.
 Pragmatism.

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