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Once upon a time and a very wonderful time has been the lines quoted by the writer James Joyce himself but we shouldn’t forget that time is the most dynamic thing, one has ever witnessed, and as the popular saying says time and tide wait for none.

Unlike James we are living in the 21st century and a lot has changed till then now, we hardly write letters to our loved ones now we hardly walk miles to transfer a message, so what a message eventually is except a package of data’s and a data eventually being collection of raw information’s it’s evident that data is the term that has ruled this century so far and will continue to rule again Internet was a revolution and the second revolution will be Internet of things.

IOT training in bangalore

Einstein once quoted that Imagination is more powerful than knowledge, have you ever closed your eyes and imagined the world in your way a world were with a single click your windows are ready to operate a world where with your footsteps the light fill shine or will flicker as you say, imagine that you are coming from office with only a desire of a warm bath and precisely there you’ll open your smartphone set the temperature of the thermostat and as you reach mild droplets are prepared. Imagine surveying and controlling your entire house with a single click transmitting packets of data present from anywhere. If you’re able to imagine than you’re my friend halfway through.

IOT or well described as internet of things is a multiverse were physically tangible objects can be made to communicate with you with the help of sensors. Ever heard of Aurdino well it’s a buzzword nowadays as it has filled the gap between the man and the machine, where a coder can write few lines of his creation and your machines will obey. That’s the power IOT possess the innovation and automation at its best. As in the coming era it’ll be IOT and sensors doing the play. Giving you an example we all have seen transformers amplifying electricity and we are also aware that in rainy seasons or because of leakages and insufficient cooling they’re has been permanent damages living an entire village inaccessible of the basic supply of electricity.

Let’s suppose if we could convert a simple transformer into a smart transformer where from sensors while sitting anywhere in a control room we could measure it’s temperature, hysteresis loss, we can observe the damage in wires and we can release the coolants by a single click imagine again the amount of labor, cost and time it can save. Hence that’s the power of IOT or rather say it’s a journey to be smart.

Now why as a young student one should learn, master or excel in this technology?

India being a widely distributed country having myriad languages, religion , customs and a wide range of diversity but unlike Japan we have something that’s more empowering than even a bullet train and that’s termed as youth. We all have certain desires and ambitions in our life we all want’s leisure and crave for a happy life and that’s where skill comes in the only thing that an Indian youth lacks is skill and opportunity and in that race we forgets to change with time, but if we could manage skill and the need of our we’ll be all well employed and satisfied. Hence IOT comes into picture it’s a disruptive skill, and a one that’s going to be always in demand the world is going to crave for talented, skilled and knowledgeable individuals who can fill the void and become part of something greater.

In the end the only question that remains is desire and don’t we all want to be a part of bigger picture.

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