Why do we need SEO?

Why do we need SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization where it is used for ranking your website or a blog in Google. SEO helps to rank your website depending on the keywords you are targeting. Internet users has been increasing tremendously for searching each and everything, nowadays using internet is the best way to find your needs. SEO helps to rank your pages in google depending on your targeted keywords and location. But the targeted keywords should not be stuffed because it leads to black hat SEO .

The main part of SEO is
1. On- page
2. Off -page

In on-page SEO the content should be written clearly using Keywords with the title tag, Image name, Url

Off page :
White Hat SEO
Black hat SEO

Link submission needs correct Nap where it stands for NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, If you did not submit NAP correctly your Business could not ranked .First you need a Physical location for your business to start SEO. The content should be clear and easy understandable. The keywords searched by the people and the results given are depending on the business quality .But the google ranks the business depending on the seo where the it involves content writing with keywords without stuffing. The keywords should analyzed by different methods using software tools and google. Need to check the competitor advantages and disadvantages using the software tools (spider , File zilla)to overcome them. After on-page is completed need to check with the software tools which have you missed in it. In off page optimization you should use link submission ,article submission, etc..


Digital Marketing involves SEO, SMM, SEM where social Media Marketing involves Facebook Post, Instagram and other social Media.

Google Ad words:

We need to pay for google ad words where for the certain keywords the ad will be displayed if any of the users clicks it you will be paid depending on the clicks.

Some keywords for certain keywords the completion will not be high in such cases need to concentrate more on On-page seo and little bit effort is enough for off page seo.

Needs to analysis lot about the business and write the content regarding your business with your targeted keywords and keywords should be selected depending on the searches for the particular business. The keyword selection is also an important criteria for seo. Some clients may say the keyword but for many clients we need to give the details of keywords with the volume of searches for their searches. Keyword search is the first important step in SEO.

Using the 8051 Microcontroller Password Based Door Lock System

Using the 8051 Microcontroller Password Based Door Lock System

Using 8051 Microcontroller Password Based Door Lock System is a simple project where a secure password will act as an unlocking door system. Old-fashioned lock systems using mechanical lock and key mechanism are being restored by new advanced techniques of locking system. These techniques are a combination of mechanical and electronic devices and are most smart.

The essential features of these new lock systems is their simplicity and high efficiency. The Automatic lock system consists of the electronic control assembly, and which controls the outputs load through a password. The output load can be a motor or a lamp or any other mechanical/electrical load.

Using 8051 microcontroller we developed an electronic code lock system that provides control to the activate the load. Its simple embedded system with input from the keyboard and the output being triggered accordingly. The system signifies using 8051 Microcontroller a Password based Door Lock System, where in once the correct code or password is entered, the door is opened and to the concerned person and is allowed access to the secured area. If other person arrives, it will ask to enter the password. If the password is wrong, then door would remain closed, reject access to the person.

Following are the Advantages of Password Based Door Lock System

This project provides high security
Power consumption is very less
Used available components
Project is easy and simple
Limitations of Password Based Door Lock System
It is not possible to operate the circuit remotely because it is a low range circuit,
It is not possible to open the door if you forget the password
If incorrect codes is entered too many times, it is possible that an intruder may be able to gain access to your home by this system by guessing or hacking the code.
keyless door locks is electrically-powered systems may not function properly in case of a power failure.
Applications of Password Based Door Lock System
The simple circuit can be used at residential places to ensure better safety.
It can be used at different organizations to ensure authorized access to highly secured places.
With little modification this Project can be used to control the switching of loads through password.

Password Based Door Locking System Circuit Operation
The circuit is powered ON once, microcontroller sends command to LCD to display enter password on the LCD. We now need to enter the password using the keypad. Password is entered once, it displays 5 stars on LCD to indicate that controller read successfully the password.

The controller now compares the entered password with password predefined. If the password is matched, then the microcontroller makes P0.1 LOW and P0.0 HIGH, so the motor driver gets the input signals for forward motion of the motor.
Result of this, the Door Motor rotates in the forward direction to open the door. After a delay of 10sec, the microcontroller makes P0.1 HIGH and P0.0 LOW, so the motor driver gets the input signals for reverse motion. Because of this result, the Door motor rotates in reverse direction to close the door.

Then microcontroller maintains both P0.0 and P0.1 LOW if the password is not matched. The door motor is static so that door remains closed.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

There are a lot of components that keep a website up and running. It’s possible, and maybe even practical to launch and run your website without many features enabled. Doing so will give you a functioning website, but it won’t give you an optimal one. Here are just a few examples of features you should be using on your site for SEO

Features of SEO:

Google Analytics: A Google Analytics account is necessary from a marketing perspective. If you want to manage your growth and impact on the Internet, or the success of a campaign – the best way is through analytics. Furthermore, the sooner you set up an account, the sooner you can begin collecting data to refer back to when running future campaigns.

XML Sitemap: Take a look at any well-optimized site, and you won’t have to look far to find a sitemap. It’s one of the most basic features you can add to your site for optimization. The sitemap let’s search engine bots crawl your site more easily by providing a list of available URLs.

Robots.txt: You’ll want a robots.txt file for identical reasons as the XML sitemap – to help crawlers do their job more efficiently. Google places a limit on the number of pages it will scan for your site. This can be problematic if you are running a large site – Google will never look at some of your pages. Furthermore, you can not tell Google which pages to index.

Canonical Issue: This is the process of picking the best URL. Rather than google craws a inappropriate page or duplicate page we can fix the issue and maintain a good result. By this process we can lead a site with or without “www” extensions in before.

There have been a lot of off-page techniques which include
• Citation submission
• Directory submission
• Social bookmarking
• Blog posting
• Article submission
• Info graphics
• Document Sharing

Why IT and non IT should learn SEO:

This’s been a digital era where every information comes up in digitalized way hence the marketing too. Yep! It’ll be digital marketing. SEO is a booming field in type of business and learning. Previous 1990’s every add will be in paper format and its developed into radio and television. Now it’s advanced into internet. Internet will be everything in the near feature. Every business will be having a website in feature in that case learning SEO will help everyone in maintaining their own sites by themselves.
SEO will become a smoother platform in reaching the targeted audience for the betterment of business. There will be no issues getting your site in the first page of search engines by the organic SEO.

100% Job Assurance Android Training Courses in Bangalore

100% Job Assurance Android Training Courses in Bangalore

Why should you choose us?

We have a legacy of 67 years with expertise in IT training & are trendsetters in this competitive industry today. Our experienced management states there is a “Resource Quality Gap” in the markets currently. In technical terminology is it the gap between job-seekers and IT enterprises.
Our organization’s offering to you is the solution we have implemented through our world- class & technologically advanced training approach.
The programming languages we offer are –
• App Development
With a market dominance of 66.01% as of today, Android was introduced in October 2003 by Android, Inc. It offers a huge platter of learn it Android Application Development applications for its users starting from phones, tablets & smart watches to key appliances like TV, gaming consoles, digital cameras etc. It is the favorite with the big players in the electronic industry owing to its efficiency, as well as its economical and customizable OS for high level devices.
The professional world of software development accommodates 71% of Android developers out of which 40% are professional developers overpowering the count of 37% of iOS developers. With the acquisition of Android by Google, the growth has been tremendous, making it authorized Google merchandise.

About the course
The android training at ETCoE aims at simplifying it for beginners & training students in the allied concepts to start with. A brief outline of the syllabi is below-
Section I: Theory
Module-1: Introduction to JAVA and ECLIPSE
Module-2: Introduction to Android
Module-3: Introduction to development for Android
Module-4: Android activities and UI design
Module-5: Advanced UI programming
Module-6: Toast, menu, dialog, list and adapters
Module-7: Multimedia programming using android
Module-8: Services and content provider
Module-9: Database- SQLite
Module-10: Location based services and Google maps
Module-11: Notification and animations
Module-12: How to develop custom made web browser
Module-13: Testing and debugging android application
Module-14: Installation of .asp
(For the detailed syllabus on each module, download the syllabus)

Section III: Project assignment
There is special emphasis on Real-Time Project development exposure guaranteeing 100% success in interviews.
We have created success stories for our students who have started their career with us have secured excellent placements in the industry.
We guarantee you a marked difference in your career trajectory on joining us!
• Advanced java
Developed by Sun Microsystems, Java has been an authorized product of Sun since its inception in 1996. It has been indispensable in the domain of freeware. It is a favorite technology for networking and web applications development which supports almost all the existing Operating Systems. Microsoft ASP.Net has always been a competitor of Java technology. But ASP.NET was introduced when Java had crossed the mark of an approximate 8-9 million apps running in the Java environment. Along its journey Java became a solely owned merchandise of ORACLE who acquired it from Sun Microsystems in 2010. Java is multifaceted language that runs on varied platforms ranging from embedded devices, mobile devices, enterprise servers & supercomputers. There is a Java learn-it-java-programming platform for each device and application as listed here:

• (Java Card) for small-memory devices like smart card

• (Java Card) for devices like mobile phones, TV set-top boxes, printers

• (Java Card) for PCs and servers

• (Java Card) for multi-tier client–server enterprise applications

The widely used applications of Java are made by-

NetBeans || Limewire || Vuze || MATLAB ||Lotus Notes ||Android OS

J2EE is the most widely used enterprise computing platform for developing and running enterprise software, which includes network and web services. The J2EE application extends to large-scale network applications which possess the feature of multi-tier structure which demand security, scalability and reliability.
The big names of the technology which have implemented the J2EE platform in their application servers include-

Java is instrumental in open source technologies being a winner today. The salary trends in the Java developer jobs have been stable and is on an inflation mode since the past three years.

• Automation
Introduced in 2000, software testing is a process of assuring the quality of a program or application by detecting the software bugs
PHP, initially known as Hypertext Processor was released in 1995 as a server-side scripting language. Later on the abbreviation for PHP was modified to Personal Home Page
• Python
As a premium Python Training Institute, we introduce you to the world of software development through Python
• Web Designing
In a technologically advanced world today, web is a non – negotiable aspect of people’s lives.
• Automation
Software Testing:
Software testing is a process of assuring the quality of a program or application by detecting the software bugs. The Software testing course training ensures that testing process is carried out in two steps –
Functionality testing is done in automated and/or manual methods. But load and performance testing being the most crucial stage, is done using automated methods. Post verification through software testing process is the software released under CMM validation.

ETCoE focuses on the most updated testing tools i.e. Loadrunner , QTP and Selenium. Initially owned by Mercury Interactive, these software testing tools were later acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in November 2006. On-demand versions of Load runner as used for cloud computing services in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Microsoft Azure or Google Compute Engine were made available by 2010. Load runner scripts though created using the ANSI C, but Java and .Net programs can also be run. Besides that, Load runner can run Scripts from other testing tools i.e. Apache JMeter, NUnit, or Selenium .learn-it-Testing-Course. This is the reason of a client base of 5500 companies across USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Singapore and India are dependent on Loadrunner in their Quality Assurance domain.

Introduced by Mercury Interactive in 2001 as Quick Test Professional (QTP) software and further acquired by HP in 2006 who renamed it as Unified Functional Testing (UFT) in 2012, it is automated functional testing tool which includes support for Web, .NET, Java, and Delphi. Some of the technologies dependent on QTP or now UFT are those functioning on Web, Core Java, Advanced Java, Dot Net, WPF, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Windows Mobile, PeopleSoft, Delphi, Flex, Web Services, and Silverlight.
Released in 2004, Selenium is an open-source, portable software testing tool for web applications held under Apache license. Popular programming languages like Java, C#, Groovy, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby are used for the scripting in Selenium. Selenium tests are run on the newest versions of all the web browsers working on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Companies like Sales force, Thought Works, Google, IBM, Mozilla, and LinkedIn use Selenium. With the speed at which the industry is growing, the Software Testing sector will be booming. Moreover being a Software Testing professional can be an option for people from other domains of profession apart from core IT.

37607 1551 48,191 476 11161

(Source: naukri.com, monster.com, indeed.com, timesjobs.com, shine.com; June 10, 2016)

And the salary standards in this particular field can be understood from the trends over a decade

(Source: Google Trends, June 10 2016)

The software testing course being categorized under two schedules i.e. manual testing and Automated testing, we provide three packages for the software testing program at ETCoE. The course structure is mentioned below-

Section-I: Theory
• Package-1: Manual + automation (Selenium)+ QC+ Load Testing + QTP
• Module-1: Fundamentals of testing
• Module-2: Test types
• Module-3: Static techniques
• Module-4: Test design techniques
• Module-5: Black box and white box testing techniques
• Module-6: Test management
• Module-7: Tools support for testing
• Module-8: Defect management
• Module-9: Database testing
• Module-10: Test plan and test lab and defects tab
• Module-11: Selenium
• Module-12: Load runner
• Module-10: QTP
• Package-2: Manual + automation (Selenium)
• Module-1: Fundamentals of testing
• Module-2: Test types
• Module-3: Static techniques
• Module-4: Test design techniques
• Module-5: Black box and white box testing techniques
• Module-6: Test management
• Module-7: Tools support for testing
• Module-8: Defect management
• Module-9: Database testing
• Module-10: Selenium

Package-3: Agile testing
• Module-1: Agile software development
• Module-2: Fundamental agile testing principles, practices and processes

• Module-3: Agile testing methods, tools and techniques

For the detailed syllabus on each module under the respective packages, download the syllabus.

SECTION II: Practical
We provide intense practical sessions post theoretical training, along with practical learning’s on the latest developments & at our state of the art labs.

Section III: Project assignment
The Live project assignment is critical for your career & is to be completed in a stipulated timeframe. After which your career is set for a phenomenal start.
More than thousand students have been successfully placed.

Inplant Training in Bangalore | Coimbatore

In today’s competitive world, standing away from crowd can be quite challenging and herculean task. There is cut throat competition prevailing across all industries that includes education and academics. How one stand away from the crowd is the most utmost priority? This is where Inplant Training comes into the scenario to groove and polish your skills and to make your life easier to face this competitive world.

What do you mean by Inplant Training?

Looking at competitive world today, an individual really needs a good industrial exposure to face the outside world with much confidence. This is where Inplant Training gets utmost prominence. The intensive training provides the students with an overall industrial exposure and also at the same time shape up their career to face the high-tech industrial requirements.
With new emerging technologies happening at a brisk pace, several reputed companies and training institutes are parting extensive training to students. Initially students are counseled in various streams and their basic interest with respect to their domain. Successful students who have undergone Inplant Training will get a boost to enhance their career and simultaneously provide them with ample good job opportunities.

Who can take Inplant Training?

The courseware is most ideal for engineering students who have completed their BE, BTech, BCA, BSC and MCA. How Inplant Training help in web based technology will be your query? Inplant Training assists the students to acquire more practical knowledge of the web than the theoretical training. It covers HTML, VB, Photoshop, ASP, Flash and SQL.

Pioneers in Inplant Training – Evolet Technologies located in R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru renders the best in Inplant Training to its students. With advanced training methodology module and highly experienced faculty members, Evolet Technologies are one of the front runners. For example, if a student has a particular interest in a subject and he/ she is more willing to explore the depth of the subject this is where Inplant Training is unique in its own way. Normally the period of training range from a week’s time to two month duration wherein the most experienced faculty will apply their best training modules and techniques to enrich the student’s career. Inplant Training is all about possessing industrial exposure and how to shape up your career, the industry trends in this present scenario.

Many colleges have made Inplant Training a mandatory course for students during the fourth or fifth semesters. It is just to part knowledge to students just to understand how the industry works, industry trends, cutting edge technologies and so on.

To summarize Inplant Training is a short term training course conducted by several training institutes to train and acquire total knowledge to students about industry know-how. The training entirely depends on which branch you are interested and the organization where you intent to take the Inplant Training. One can take up Inplant Training from any stream that you have undertaken. Though Inplant Training will not land you in a job directly, but yes for sure it will definitely will carry an added weightage in your resume.

Final year Project Bangalore | Coimbatore | 2018

Engineering is wide spread into various domains . The latest technological developments in this field provides us more scope to research.

The final Phase and your identity in Job search is your project.
we provide you guidance to select your project titles based on your interest
The input you gaining in your graduation for last three years will be reflected in your project work.
You as an Engineer can be creator of new inventions for which you need a proper guidence thats what we provide you.
Through out the project we give you clarification for all you doubts by experts
coaching classes with reviews will be conducted and full software and hardware support for the project will be given.Publishing gudience support for your paper will be given.

• Latest topics from Standard papers
• Development and coaching indivially
• Quality and publishing guidence

Branches of Engineering :Electronics & computer science
Domain:Electronics Domain:Computer Science
• Embedded systems * Internet on things(iot)
• Low power vlsi *BIG Data
• Wireless communication *Cloud computing
• Robotics *Data networking

Hurry up! Currently we provide attractive discounts for limited seats*

*Contact us: enquiry@evolettechnologies.com

If it is a race you need a coach to win it,if it is a project phase you need evolet with you…